Astrology session

“Who looks outsides, dreams, who looks inside, awakes” – Carl Jung

My astrology sessions are a space in which we explore your unique personal energies according to your birth chart, which I design according to your date and time of birth. During the session we explore your gifts and spiritual challenges so that you learn to better channel your potential by manifesting a satisfying life. The sessions are face-to- face if you live in Lima or by Skype to any part of the world.



Astro-discovery session: A basic to know what your gifts, challenges, and purpose in
life are. This session is a prerequisite for the others unless you already have advanced
knowledge of your birth chart from an evolutionary perspective.

Relationships Session: How do you attract the right person? Why do certain patterns
repeat themselves in my relationships? These and other questions are explored in this
session, where we explore your energies in the area of ​​relationships. By clarifying your
desires, attractions, and evolving challenges in this area, we can design practical
strategies that help you manifest the relationships you deserve. The session can be
applied both to romantic relationships and to friendships and relationships in

Vocation Session: How to make your gifts your profession? What is your purpose in
this lifetime? What are you passionate about doing? Questions like these are
answered by exploring your birth chart with a focus on vocational aspects. The
intention is for you to discover how you can focus your passions and strengths in a job
that brings out the best in you.


Spiritual Growth Session: Would you like to integrate a spiritual practice but don't
know where to start? We live in a world of multiple options and choosing can be
confusing at times. This session guides you in your particular energies to grow
spiritually. Each person is a different path and this explanation is aimed at helping you
understand which techniques or philosophies are best suited to your own life

Current Openings Session (transits): Although your birth chart is the seal of energies
that accompanies you throughout your life, we have to be clear that we are beings in
constant evolution. In this session we study the current astrological energies and their
interaction with your birth chart. After this session you will be able to work with the
openings, opportunities, and challenges that are manifesting at this time in your life.

Birthday Session: Every year on your birthday the sun reaches the same mathematical
degree as it was at the time of your birth. We could say that it is a day of rebirth and
the astrological energies of the moment permeate and impact in the next 12 months.
In this session we explore your astrological trends for that new cycle and create strategies

to get the most out of them. I personally think this session is the best birthday present.

Synastry Session: This session has two objectives. The first is to help both members of
the couple understand what the particular energy they have as a relationship, studying
the natal chart of both as if it were a person (composite chart) in this way they know
what the impact of their union is on the world around them. With this letter we can
even get suitable dates for a civil or religious union.

The second objective is that you understand how the energy of each one interacts with
that of the other, the gifts and challenges that have come to work together. It is an
ideal session for any couple looking to heal or evolve the relationship.

Parenting Session: This service is aimed at parents who wish to learn how to direct the
particular energies of their daughter or son. In the session we will explore their birth
chart and the relationship with yours in order to understand what dynamics they can
improve or direct in the best way. It is an ideal gift for the birth of a baby or for you, as
a mother or father, to understand the gift that this new being comes to offer in your

Session for the return of Saturn (new!): Every 28 years Saturn, planet of commitment
and lessons, returns to the same mathematical point where it was when you were
born, marking a period of accelerated maturation that lasts approximately 3 years.
Understanding, integrating and raising your level of consciousness in this phase marks
a before and after in the rest of your life. This session is designed to understand your
Saturn and its aspects in depth, as well as the key dates where your Saturn return will
challenge you and how to transcend it. If you are between 27 and 31 years old, or
between 56 and 62 years old, this session is for you.


Value and details:

Each session has a cost of $ 100 dollars. Currently I have a package of $ 180 dollars for
a package of three sessions, if you are interested in having more than one perhaps this is the
more convenient option for you (I give you the chance of offering one of the sessions to someone special or
save it for later) To reserve your session you can mail us to [email protected]


It was really surprising, it is incredible how you can understand everything that is in you. By reading the letter, Mariana gives you tools to make the most of each aspect, to understand you, to see your potential, to love you and to understand that we are here with a greater purpose “

~~ Laura, 30 years old. Colombia

“My experience with Mariana was very positive, I delved into aspects of my letter that I was unaware of and it helped me to be able to use them in my favor”

~~ Oblivion, 44 years old. Spain

“My experience with Mariana left me very satisfied, there was a lot of clarity in what was stated. I would recommend her because she touched on the important points bluntly, I felt welcomed “

~~ Glennys, 39. Santo Domingo

“My experience was healing. I had seen specialists before but I never found the empathy and commitment you gave me. I think that a plus when attending your consultations is finding two new friends: you and ourselves. That ability to make us honor our own essence is something that continues to surprise me”

~~ Maria del Carmen, 33. Peru

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